The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children

By Jennifer Ault

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Winner of a Gold Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence!

This book offers parents an introduction to the topic of giftedness, exploring the fundamental concepts and addressing with honesty and candor the issues that commonly affect gifted individuals. It provides parents with the information they need to help them become the best possible stewards of the gifted children in their care.


Winner of a Gold Mom’s Choice Award Honoring Excellence!

Gifted children often exhibit characteristics and behaviors that are different from those of other children. Giftedness, after all, is not just about being smart. Being gifted affects everything a person says, does, thinks, and feels.

Parents who discover that their child is gifted can be relieved to learn the reason for their child’s differences, but they also often feel anxious and apprehensive about the parenting journey that lies ahead for them. That journey will not look like the ones that other parents travel. When they seek out information to guide them along the way, they find that there is a tremendous amount of it available, and it can be overwhelming to try to weed through it to learn what they need to know to parent a gifted child effectively and compassionately—a child who most likely is not just different from other kids but who is different from other gifted kids as well. Where does one even begin?

The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children is designed to introduce parents to the topic of giftedness in a way that is both preliminary and sophisticated. The book is not just for those new to the subject of giftedness, however; it breaks new ground in its discussions of gifted children’s intensity, sensitivity, and asynchrony, shedding new light on these topics for those who are already familiar with them. It also examines the concepts of identification, multiple intelligences, twice-exceptionality, underachievement, perfectionism, idealism, and more, including educational practices that both help and harm gifted children, all at a level that is both advanced and yet accessible to everyone. It offers parents the opportunity to learn the fundamental truths about giftedness in the same way that we want to provide information to our gifted children—a way that is intelligent and innovative and never dumbed down. It speaks to parents directly to help them become the best possible stewards of the complex, precocious, amazing children in their care so that those children will grow up with an appreciation both of their gifts and of the efforts of the adults who nurtured them along the way.


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“What a great resource for parents! It sits proudly on my bookshelf—to be shared with friends!” – Vanessa R. Wood, MA, Gifted Ed., President/CEO, The International Gifted Consortium, Research Center for the Highly and Profoundly Gifted

“Exceptionally well-written, organized, and presented, The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children is thoroughly reader-friendly in tone, commentary, and informational content, making it an ideal and unreservedly recommended addition to community and academic library parenting instructional reference collections—and invaluable reading for any parent or guardian of a gifted child of any age or background.” – Midwest Book Review

“In The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children, readers will glean important information about the experiential aspects of growing up with high-level ability, including possible issues and challenges that children can confront. Jennifer Ault discusses comprehensively—and with refreshing candor—relevant topics such as overexcitabilities, sensitivity, asynchronous development, educational complexities, and what she cleverly refers to as ‘the sneakily gifted.’ Parents (and teachers) who read this book will acquire new insights and be inspired to reconsider the ways in which they can best serve the emotional, academic, and motivational needs of children who are highly advanced in one or more areas. A thought-provoking read!” – Dr. Joanne Foster, gifted education and child development expert and award-winning author of multiple books