The Mysterious Mr. Morgan

Charlie Cliché’s Oft-Told Tales, Book Three

By David Kenneth Mull

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When Charlie moves to the Denver area, high school seems promising. He gets to play football for a legendary coach, and he has an extraordinary English teacher. Unfortunately, there are problems between the coach and the teacher, and his new friends take sides. At some point, Charlie must choose where his loyalties lie, which will force him to make one of the hardest decisions of his young life.


Charlie’s family moves to the Denver area, where Charlie is welcomed into the most accepting and cohesive group of students he’s ever experienced in a school system. He quickly makes friends with several of the guys who play football for the high school, who invite him to try out for the team. The coach has a reputation for bringing his players to victory, and Charlie is thrilled to find a place among his teammates as they win game after game.

The only problem is that many of the players seem to hate Coach Schwaben, while some of them clearly adore him. In fact, the entire student body seems to be divided over the issue—an uncomfortable rift in an otherwise close-knit school. Charlie sees hints of Schwaben’s temper, but surely that alone doesn’t explain the vitriol and resentment that several of the players have toward him.

One of the rare public targets of Coach Schwaben’s aggressive attitude is Mr. Morgan, a new English teacher at the school. Mr. Morgan is a small, slight, slender man who seems utterly unaffected by the coach’s insults and scorn. And when the students discover who he really is, they understand why. It’s a surprise they never could have foreseen.

The division in the student body deepens as the students choose sides. Charlie has friends on both sides, and some of his closest begin making decisions that put Charlie right at the heart of the problem. At some point, Charlie will have to choose where his loyalties lie, which will force him to make one of the hardest decisions of his young life.

Note: This book was originally titled Charlie’s Rocky Mountain High School. It has been retitled for the revised edition.


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