What To Do? Level A

Kathryn T. Hegeman, Ed.D. (Author) · Christopher Tice (Illustrator)

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This book presents children with fifteen problems, none of which have easy answers. Children must consider the problems, answer questions about them, and complete related activities. The activities teach children the valuable skills of compromise, making the best of a situation, and looking for a new way of accomplishing a goal.


This book presents young children with fifteen problems, each one depicted through the pure, uncluttered medium of a full-page illustration. The illustrations show children in age-appropriate situations in which what they want or need is unavailable or unattainable, at least given the circumstances presented. Children must consider the problems and then answer basic questions about them and complete related extension activities.

But don’t be fooled! The secret to the effectiveness of this book is that, although the problems are presented simply, they are often anything but simple. Each problem presents a scenario with no easy answers. Many of them coax children toward an understanding that getting what you want, how you want it, when you want it is often not possible; in real life, we often must compromise, or make the best of a less-than-ideal situation, or look for a new way of accomplishing our goal. These lessons are critical to children learning to be resilient, to be flexible, to persevere, to delay gratification, and, most importantly, to problem-solve, which will make them more effective at everything they hope to accomplish for the future, both personally and professionally.

This book also comes in a version that is printed with a special dyslexia-friendly font that is easier for some children to read. (See below.)


Creative Problem Solving: What To Do? Series
5, 6, 7
K, 1, 2
Activity Book
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