Westward Over the Blue Ridge Mountains Dyslexia Series

A Royal Fireworks Press Publication (Author) · Christopher Tice (Illustrator, Narrator)

The stories in this series offer an interesting perspective on the United States from the point of view of people who sought to reach and then settle the paradise that lay on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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In This Series


A Special Series of Books for Children Who Struggle to Read

When the English colonists first settled along the Atlantic Ocean, they saw the line of mountains to the west of them as an imposing barrier that was blocking their path to the Pacific. While that was true, they did not know that it wasn’t the only barrier blocking their way. If only they could get over that great blue ridge, they opined, they would be able to sail west to China.

Well, the colonists had a thing or two to learn about the vast continent they had stumbled upon, and it’s sheer size was just part of that. There were indigenous people as well, and not only did they know the way through the blue ridge, but they had lived and hunted on the land to the west of it for generations.

The English-American exploring parties failed to find any sensible way over the Blue Ridge Mountains, but a Native American tribe showed a young man through what later came to be known as the Cumberland Gap, and it was the mountain pass the colonists had been looking for. Soon hunters were traveling through the pass for the incredible bounty of animals on the western side, but it was still not an easy trek, and a hundred years later, white men had yet to settle in the region beyond the mountains in what is now the southern Ohio Valley. When they finally began to arrive with the intention of building settlements, the Native Americans were deeply unhappy. They did not want strangers moving into their traditional hunting lands and killing huge numbers of their animals for their pelts.

But men like Daniel Boone were burning with the fever of living in the paradise of Kentucky, so on they came, but not without a fair share of heartache along the way. Ultimately, the land was settled, and the route through the Cumberland Gap was pivotal in making that happen. Boone widened it, and the Wilderness Road became well worn from the feet of frontiersmen heading west. This five-part series begins with the colonists’ first trips into the Blue Ridge Mountains and winds its way through the stories of some of the men who strove to get to the other side, including young George Washington and the great dreamer Daniel Boone.

These books are printed in a special dyslexia-friendly font that makes them easier for some children with visual processing problems to read. A special feature of the books is that each two-page spread contains a QR code that links to audio of the book being narrated. Children can listen and follow along to help them learn the words that they are seeing.

The Westward Over the Blue Ridge Mountains Dyslexia Series offers a way for children with reading difficulties to enjoy reading and American history in a rare and wonderfully accessible combination that they will treasure for years to come.

Note: Although each title is meant to be a standalone book, important terms are defined or explained in the first book in which they appear, and the stories build upon one another, making the reading of the books in chronological order a more rewarding experience for children who are new to the topic.

This series is derived from a single novel of the same name. The novel is printed in a standard font with a typical formatting style and no audio feature. (See below.)