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A message from Dr. Thomas Milton Kemnitz, Founder and President

I founded a publishing company in 1977 with the goal of transforming the educational experience of gifted children. The first task was to create curricula for those children, whose programs then consisted primarily of pull-outs to do “thinking activities” that did not conflict with what they were learning in regular classrooms.

More than four decades later, we still are engaged in creating those curricula, which we now deliver in print form as well as electronically and in live online classes. Additionally, our scope has expanded to include all children, not just gifted children, including those with dyslexia and other processing issues. Millions of children throughout the English-speaking world—mostly in schools but increasingly in homeschools—have had the benefit of learning from our curricula and other supplemental educational materials.

Along the way we have not forgotten the teachers, parents, counselors, and other providers who have a direct impact on the educational experiences of children. Our mission is to make the process of educating children richer and more rewarding for everyone involved.

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