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Our Story

We understand that what teachers need in order to teach a classroom full of students effectively and what homeschoolers need in order to teach a single child (or a few children) in the home are different in significant ways. The fundamentals, of course, are the same: high-quality materials that invite children in with content that is both rigorous and accessible and also both informative and beautiful. But the difference is in the details, and we pay attention to those details. Our message to homeschoolers is different than our message to teachers, even though the goal of an outstanding education remains the same.

We enable homeschooling parents to provide their children with materials that are challenging, accessible, and engaging, that respect them as learners and that offer them depth and breadth in their learning so that they will grow to be, not just educated adults, but thinking adults, which is the ultimate goal of a good education.

Teachers are often constrained by time and budgets, enabling them to teach only what their students need to know to pass the state tests and then move on to the next topic, the next class, the next grade. We produce materials that allow teachers to offer an educational experience that students will take with them long after the tests are over, which is what education is truly about.

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