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Our Story: For Teachers and School Administrators

by Dr. T.M. Kemnitz, President

Dr. Tom Kemnitz, publisher for gifted children

For more than forty years, our goal has been to enable teachers, administrators, and parents to enrich the experiences and life opportunities of gifted children. During this time, other companies publishing in gifted education have come and gone. All have experienced the fundamental truth of the marketplace: there are not enough gifted children to make publishing for them economically attractive to those who measure their achievement by dollars sold, units shipped, and profits reported to shareholders. The major publishing conglomerates now measure their income in tens of billions, and yet great income does not translate into even small measures of concern. Mostly, these companies do not publish books specifically for gifted children.

There is not enough public money to go around, and the gifted frequently do not get their fair share. The programs are sparsely funded when they exist at all, and many parents cannot afford to supplement. We have always realized that, all too often, the needs of the gifted have to be met both in the regular classroom and at home, and we have published books and curricula at affordable prices that make this possible.

Through good economic times and bad, through all educational cycles, the children keep coming, and as always, some of them are gifted. Our goal is to continue to seek ways to engage the gifted children, to challenge them, to meet their needs, and to help them develop their full potential. This is the crucial challenge we acknowledge as a company. And we are proud to say that more than two million children have received instruction from our materials.

Our Curricula

Our language arts curriculum by Michael Clay Thompson has become a staple of gifted and talented programs throughout the country. We are proud to be his publisher, and at conferences for the gifted, we always enjoy meeting teachers who tell us how successful his books have been in the classroom.

Since our founding, we have added several other types of curricula, many of which are still growing, including mathematics for young children, Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy, Latin, and the arts, among others. We want children to have an education that is both expansive and deep, and we will continue to produce materials that will enrich them not just academically but intellectually and emotionally as well.

The Reciprocity of Education

Education is a process of discovery, and we all learn as we go. We do the best we can today, and we try to do better tomorrow. We listen to you and to pay attention to what you tell us. We have found that some of our materials can be adjusted to align better with what you need, and during the past few years we have sent many of our books to be recycled as we produce better editions. We will continue to do that. We will make our books more attractive, more approachable, and more appealing whenever we see the possibility for improvement. We remain committed to you and your success with your students. We welcome your input, criticisms, and suggestions as we work to produce better materials, and we hope that we can be a worthy partner to you in your endeavor to give your students the very best you can offer them. We want that very best to have a red truck on it that says Royal Fireworks Press.

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