Mail Riders Dyslexia Series

A Royal Fireworks Press Publication (Author) · Christopher Tice (Illustrator, Narrator)

This series tells the stories of the men who established the first cross-country overland mail routes by both stage and Pony Express, systematically connecting communities far and wide for the first time in the nation’s history.

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In This Series


A Special Series of Books for Children Who Struggle to Read

In the early days of the new nation that would become the United States of America, getting information from one area to another was not easy. There was no official mail service, nor, in fact, were there established roads on which to take mail from the eastern states to the cities that were popping up in the West. Each of these things had to be established, pioneered by ambitious individuals who dreamed of what could be done and then dared to do just that.

The first mail riders faced difficult and dangerous obstacles as they traveled through the wilderness to settlements that were anything but easy to get to. Treacherous terrain and harsh weather were just two of the hazards, but there were also native peoples who became angry at their treatment by the new government of America, which saw them as problems to be overcome instead of people whose rights and customs were worthy of honor and respect. For these reasons and more, it was not easy getting mail across the country. But there were people who persevered, in spite of the multiple threats they faced, and these people transformed the country, connecting East and West and the small places in between.

From Paul Revere (an unlikely early mail rider, unknown as such to most people) to the overland mail stagecoaches to the Pony Express, the United States went through a variety of methods of getting mail from one point to another, each building on the ones before. This seven-part series explores those methods and the people who created them and worked within them, besting the odds to deliver the mail.

These books are printed in a special dyslexia-friendly font that makes them easier for some children with visual processing problems to read. A special feature of the books is that each two-page spread contains a QR code that links to audio of the book being narrated. Children can listen and follow along to help them learn the words that they are seeing.

The Mail Riders Dyslexia Series offers a way for children with reading difficulties to enjoy reading and American history in a rare and wonderfully accessible combination that they will treasure for years to come.

Note: Although each title is meant to be a standalone book, important terms are defined or explained in the first book in which they appear, and the stories build upon one another, making the reading of the books in chronological order a more rewarding experience for children who are new to the topic.

This series is derived from a single novel of the same name. The novel is printed in a standard font with a typical formatting style and no audio feature. (See below.)