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Different Approaches to Math for Different Kids

Math is one of those core subjects that children either run toward with excitement or run away from in terror. But what if it isn’t math itself that is scaring some students off? What if it’s the presentation? At Royal Fireworks, we believe that any lesson can be enjoyable if it’s served up in the right package. That’s why we offer so many different approaches to math. From picture books that teach arithmetic to novels that give context to complex mathematical concepts, every child can find a way to fall in love with math.

For kids ages 10 and under:

Picture Book Different Approaches to Math

The Awesum Alex books take children on a fully-illustrated math adventure with Alex and her friends. In their magical classroom, the students become math detectives solving problems in ways that will help young readers (and parents!) understand how math really works.

“I never had a true grasp of math growing up because it was about being right or wrong, and sometimes I need to take the scenic route to get to my destination. Math today is being taught from a perspective where there are different roads that can lead to the same answer. The Awesum Alex Math Detective series helps littles and bigs understand the different options while still supplying the roadmap to the destination.” – Melanated Gold Homeschool Review Squad

There are new reviews for the Awesum Alex series, along with those for several other titles from Royal Fireworks, available to read at the Melanated Gold Homeschool Magazine website.

If your child is partial to puzzles, Logic-Math Exercises for Children are an excellent choice. For children who can’t stop playing, try Educational Play, a book filled with math games. And for children who are more language-oriented or who can’t get enough of riddles, try Math Verses with Twists.

For kids ages 10 and up:

Different Approaches to Math Novels

Perhaps your child is more a fan of novels than numbers. Author Robert Black has written several math novels for children, from fascinating biographies that detail the lives of famous mathematicians—as well as how they developed the math they’re famous for—to amusing mathematical mysteries for the fiction fans in the family. Take a peek at some of the subjects of his Mathematical Lives series in Robert Black’s new blog post, 10 Fascinating Facts about Famous Mathematicians.

Online Different Approaches to Math

Looking for a little assistance in the math teaching department? We offer online math courses for kids that you won’t find anywhere else. Kids can improve their math ability with one of our skilled instructors through courses such as pre-algebra (including a course specially designed for math-averse children), geometry, and more, including origami! Find out what a math lesson can do for your child when it’s taught by a passionate expert in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community.

Discover the possibilities for opening your child’s mind to math with Royal Fireworks!

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