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Category: Mathematics

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11 November 2022

Ms. Math is back for winter workshops!

Enormously popular Dr. Rachel “Ms. Math” McAnallen is back with some winter workshops that will keep kids engaged in fun learning during the winter break. And those aren’t the only workshops we’re offering. Check them all out today!

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8 July 2022

Online STEM Learning, Including New Computer Science Courses!

We’re so thrilled with the results of our computer programming workshops that we’ve decided to offer full-semester computer science courses in our Online Learning Community for the fall. We also offer a wide selection of math and science courses. Check them all out today!

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10 June 2022

Author Spotlight: Robert Black

Author Robert Black’s three historical novels have just been reissued, but Mr. Black is also the author of our award-winning mathematician biography series Mathematical Lives and the mathematical fiction series Mathematical Nights. Learn a little more about this multi-talented author in our fun interview with him!

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11 May 2022

A New Online Math Course Like No Other!

We’re excited to offer a new math course that will prove interesting and engaging, both for kids who don’t particularly enjoy the subject and for those who are bored or turned off by their mathematics education.

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Different Approaches to Math
25 March 2022

Different Approaches to Math for Different Kids

We believe that any lesson can be enjoyable if it’s served up in the right package. That’s why we offer so many different approaches to math. From picture books to novels to online courses, every child can find a way to fall in love with math.

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Famous Mathematicians Article
24 March 2022

10 Fascinating Facts about Famous Mathematicians

When you think about mathematicians, you might imagine that they live boring lives churning out calculations, but you’d be wrong. In this article, author Robert Black presents some strange and little-known facts from the lives of ten famous mathematicians.

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3 February 2022

Royal Fireworks Math Book Wins Award!

We’re proud to announce that Robert Black’s mathematical biography “Benoit Mandelbrot: Reshaping the World” has been selected for the 2022 Best STEM Books list! The selection is a joint project of the National Science Teaching Association and the Children’s Book Council.

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2 February 2022

6 Surprising Mathematical Back Stories

Have you ever wondered where mathematicians get their ideas? New mathematical breakthroughs can have some surprising origins. Here are six fascinating mathematical back stories.

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21 January 2022

A New Biography for Mathematicians and Historians Both!

We’re excited to announce the publication of the newest book in the Mathematical Lives series of biographical novels: “Edward Lorenz and the Chaotic Butterflies.” If you’ve ever heard of “the Butterfly Effect,” then you’ve heard the term that was coined for Lorenz’s discovery, which led to the revolutionary concept of chaos theory.

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Awesum Alex Math Detective Website Image
15 December 2021

A New Story that Teaches Young Children Multiplication!

We’re excited to announce the next book in the Awesum Alex series: “Awesum Alex, Math Detective: The Multiplication Problem.” Children who have been following Alex and her friends through the addition and subtraction books will be thrilled to encounter them again as they learn how to multiply!

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4 October 2021

Does math SCARE your child? Make it fun with these SPOOKY math books!

Plenty of children think of math as an absolute nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, math can be spooktacular! Before your child protests that there’s not a ghost of a chance that that’s true, check out our Mathematical Nights Math Fiction books, a phantasm…er, fangtastic…er, fantastic set of novels that make math devilishly fun.

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29 September 2021

An Interdisciplinary—and Very Human—Approach to Math

Animated movies. Computer games. Smartphone technology. All of these things have in common fractals, which Benoit Mandlebrot opened up for us. Children who learn how this man bested the odds to discover something that has altered the world as we know it today will be welcomed into the subject of math in a way that a worksheet of problems can never do.

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17 August 2021

Newly Revised Mathematical Reasoning Books for Kids!

We are excited to reintroduce the Problemoids mathematical reasoning books for children in grades 4, 5, and 6! These books give children an opportunity to put on their thinking caps to try to figure out the solutions to challenging problems in mathematics, mathematical reasoning, and basic logic.

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21 April 2021

A Book for Making Math Fun for Young Children

We are pleased to reissue an updated and revised edition of a math book for parents that will make learning math fun for young children: “Educational Play: Math Games and Activities for Your Child.” The book is chock full of ways to make math both relevant to the real world and fun.

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