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Category: Current News

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21 September 2022

New Storytelling Workshop!

We’re offering a fun, five-session storytelling workshop that will give kids a break from their schoolwork while still providing them with a creative outlet that flexes their intellectual and academic muscles. Check it out and enroll today!

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30 August 2022

It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up for Fall Semester Courses!

Fall semester in our Online Learning Community is already underway, but some of our courses have later starting dates, so there’s still time to enroll! But because the live classes are recorded, children can easily join courses already in progress!

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20 August 2022

Social-Emotional Resources for Kids

We offer both online courses and books for children who need some help finding calm in a hectic world, especially with the start of the school year. We’ve even got a new Mindfulness Pack of books for youngsters!

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6 August 2022

Fall Semester in the Online Learning Community Starts Soon!

Fall semester in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community begins on August 15th, but there’s still plenty of time to enroll your child in one of our many courses. With offerings in a huge array of subjects, there’s one that’s sure to fit your child!

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4 August 2022

Announcing a New Latin Book for Young Children!

We’re excited to announce that the third installment in our Latin curriculum for young children is now available! “Caecilia et Verus et Urbs Vastata” is an immersive picture book that will enable kids to learn the Latin language intuitively, with an accompanying instructor manual for adults.

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29 July 2022

Michael Clay Thompson Discusses the Poodle Books in a Helpful New Video

Sometimes we get questions about the best way to use Michael Clay Thompson’s Poodle books, so we’ve produced a new video of Michael discussing his intent for the entire Poodle project and his recommendations for the most effective way of implementing the books with children.

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26 July 2022

Online Computer Science and Art Workshops Start Soon!

Beginning on August 1st, we’re offering a whole new batch of three- and five-day workshops for intellectually and artistically curious children in our Online Learning Community. Don’t miss our summer computer science and drawing workshops for young programmers and artists!

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19 July 2022

New (more affordable) options for learning with MCT online!

Our new audit options create opportunities for families looking for flexible, economic alternatives to live enrollment in the MCT language arts courses in our Online Learning Community. Check them out today!

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15 July 2022

MCT Wins Multiple Homeschooling Awards!

The MCT language arts curriculum is an award-winning curriculum no matter which way you choose to use it: in traditional in-person lessons at home or school or in live online classes taught by Michael himself. Thanks to everyone who voted to award Michael these prestigious honors once again!

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8 July 2022

Online STEM Learning, Including New Computer Science Courses!

We’re so thrilled with the results of our computer programming workshops that we’ve decided to offer full-semester computer science courses in our Online Learning Community for the fall. We also offer a wide selection of math and science courses. Check them all out today!

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30 June 2022

MCT Levels 1 and 2 Now Available as eBooks on!

We’re making the MCT language arts curriculum available as eBooks! The first two levels of the curriculum are done and are available now as individual eBooks, with special eBook package options. The other levels are soon to follow!

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11 June 2022

NEW 3-Day Workshop: Ships and the Sea!

In our new three-day workshop “Ships and the Sea,” students ages 10-18 will learn how explorers, whalers, merchants, and rulers throughout history harnessed the power of the wind and navigated across a featureless sea. This fun and informative workshop begins June 14th. Enroll your child today!

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10 June 2022

Author Spotlight: Robert Black

Author Robert Black’s three historical novels have just been reissued, but Mr. Black is also the author of our award-winning mathematician biography series Mathematical Lives and the mathematical fiction series Mathematical Nights. Learn a little more about this multi-talented author in our fun interview with him!

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6 June 2022

New summer coding workshops for kids!

The field of computer engineering is growing as we become reliant on technology for nearly every aspect of life. The possibilities are endless for someone who understands the fundamentals of how to “speak the language of computers.” So we’re excited to offer several new workshops in computer science for kids!

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