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Category: Michael Clay Thompson

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21 February 2024

The Wait Is Over!

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community’s 2024-2025 MCT language arts courses are now open for enrollment! Don’t miss the opportunity for your child to learn in live classes taught by award-winning curriculum author Michael Clay Thompson himself! Register now to ensure your child’s spot!

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19 February 2024

📚 Celebrate President’s Day with Our Presidential Reads

In honor of President’s Day, we’re excited to announce freshly updated versions of Michael Clay Thompson’s Self-Evident Truths Series, a set of three insightful books that delve into pivotal moments in American history. Perfect for middle and high schoolers, each of these books is interdisciplinary in nature, combining history and language arts into a seamless set of lessons on the power of language to shape history.

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15 January 2024

Honoring the Work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we’re excited to announce the re-release of “Free at Last: The Language of Dr. King’s Dream,” by Michael Clay Thompson, in a newly updated and refreshed version. The book examines in detail Dr. King’s powerful “I Have a Dream” speech and provides a deep dive into the language of what is generally considered the most important modern statement of America’s commitment to the equality of its citizens.

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6 January 2024

Last chance to enroll in Michael Clay Thompson’s exclusive online courses before they start! 📚🚨

Are your child’s language arts lessons not going the way you hoped? There’s still time to join our Online Learning Community’s spring semester to get on the right track! Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity for your child to learn from renowned curriculum author Michael Clay Thompson in live online classes, including not just a full range of language arts courses but also (new this year) World Cultural Geography and Chess Club!

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2 November 2023

4th Poodle Book Wins Mom’s Choice Award!

We’re thrilled to announce that Michael Clay Thompson’s “Poodle and the Blue Desert Dunes” has joined the first three Poodle books as a Mom’s Choice Gold Award winner! Across the globe, people rely on the MCA Mother-and-Child Honoring Excellence seal of approval as their trusted guide for selecting high-quality products and services for children and families. We’re honored to have received this award!

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24 October 2023

The Fifth Poodle Book Is Finally Here!

Poodle and his friends are back to teach young learners more language arts lessons in the fifth installment of the MCT Poodle series, “Poodle and the Art of the Comma”! This fabulously illustrated story is an exploration of the role of punctuation, particularly the comma, in grammar and writing. Learning language arts has never been so simple, so enjoyable, and so beautiful!

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7 October 2023

New Video Introduction to the MCT Language Arts Curriculum

For those who are new to Royal Fireworks or those who want to gain a better understanding of what makes our award-winning MCT language arts curriculum special, we have created (and recently updated) a helpful new video. This 13-minute video explains why MCT has become the gold standard in language arts education, as well as the best way to implement the program. Even veteran MCT users may learn something new!

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5 August 2023

Royal Fireworks Voted First Place in the i-Learn Awards!

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community has once again been voted first place for grammar in the 2023 Practical Homeschooling i-Learn Awards! We’ve earned awards in other categories too, including Comprehensive Language Arts, Teacher-Led Online Academies, and, for the first time, Computer Science! Come find out what makes us stand out in online education!

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24 June 2023

MCT Wins Prestigious Award!

The 2023 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards have been released, and we’re thrilled to announce that the MCT language arts curriculum has won first place in the Comprehensive Language Arts category! The MCT curriculum has won this award multiple times. We’re honored to be trusted by so many homeschooling families. Thank you!

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22 June 2023

MCT Available as eBooks on!

We’re thrilled to announce that all seven levels of the MCT language arts curriculum are now available as PDF eBooks on our website! With the availability of these eBooks, students and their instructors—whether teachers, parents, or other educators—can now access the curriculum easier than ever before. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to have the newest digitized versions of the MCT books!

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29 July 2022

Michael Clay Thompson Discusses the Poodle Books in a Helpful New Video

Sometimes we get questions about the best way to use Michael Clay Thompson’s Poodle books, so we’ve produced a new video of Michael discussing his intent for the entire Poodle project and his recommendations for the most effective way of implementing the books with children.

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15 July 2022

MCT Wins Multiple Homeschooling Awards!

The MCT language arts curriculum is an award-winning curriculum no matter which way you choose to use it: in traditional in-person lessons at home or school or in live online classes taught by Michael himself. Thanks to everyone who voted to award Michael these prestigious honors once again!

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Poodle with award
15 January 2022

Poodle Knows Poetry Wins Prestigious Award!

Michael Clay Thompson has done it again! The third installment of the Poodle series, “Poodle Knows Poetry,” has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products, and services by the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards.

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22 November 2021

Announcing a Helpful Video to Guide Homeschoolers New to MCT

We are proud of the award-winning MCT language arts curriculum, but homeschooling parents can be overwhelmed by the scope of information when they’re first introduced to it. If you are interested in the MCT curriculum but are unsure of how to implement it, we’ve created an informative five-minute video explainer just for you!

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