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Category: New Releases

18 September 2023

A New Logic Book that Kids Need Now More than Ever

In today’s world of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, being able to determine what’s true and what’s not is becoming increasingly necessary. That’s where the study of classical logic comes in. We’re proud to announce a new set of books for high schoolers and college students to help them learn logic: “The Logic of Happiness,” by enormously talented author and professor of philosophy Dr. Sharon Kaye. Check it out today!

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7 September 2023

A Different Way to Explore World History

We’re excited to announce the publication of two novels that approach the topic of world history in a fascinating new way. Our One Year in History series presents history laterally—that is, instead of telling what happened chronologically, each of these books tells what was happening virtually everywhere in the world, all within a single year. Order these well-crafted books today!

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16 August 2023

How to Sleep Like a Mermaid: A NEW bedtime routine book from RFWP!

We’re sea-riously excited to announce that our latest publication, “How to Sleep Like a Mermaid: A Bedtime Routine Book for Land Mermaids,” is now available! This whimsical bedtime book will help mermaid-loving children develop a bedtime routine just like the ones that real mermaids use. It’s sure to become a treasured part of your family’s nightly routine!

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8 August 2023

Three New Novels for Young Readers!

We’re proud to offer three novels for young readers that span the globe and nearly the entirety of human history. Each of these stories offers youngsters a window into a different time and place, a different culture and set of experiences. From a mystery thriller to a sweet semi-autobiographical tale to a redemptive true story of overcoming incredible odds to find happiness, we have something for everyone!

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27 February 2023

The Newest Poodle Book in the Series by MCT Is Finally Here!

“Poodle and the Blue Desert Dunes” is Michael Clay Thompson’s latest masterpiece that uses the art of language to teach language arts. This is a grammar book in the Preliminary Level of the MCT curriculum (this one teaches phrases), and it’s a brilliant work of creativity and artistry—and a wonderful story as well!

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14 February 2023

Four New Stories that Put Kindness Front and Center

At a time when it feels like so many people are lacking even basic civility, we’re happy to add a little kindness back into the world with the reissuing of four superb novels that have kindness as a primary theme. These books may be just what your youngster needs when the world feels a little too uncaring.

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7 February 2023

The newest book in the MCT Poodle series is almost here!

The fourth book in Michael Clay Thompson’s Poodle series is nearing completion and will be available soon. Poodle and the gang are back for another adventure, this time with some new characters—including a new monster. You won’t want to miss it!

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14 November 2022

Introducing Our GRAPHIC NOVEL “Who Are You Times Two”!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce this much-anticipated book that delves into philosophies about identity and time. It’s a creative and dynamic graphic novel written in the style of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books!

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3 November 2022

The third novel in the Dreamcatcher Trilogy is here!

Dr. Sharon Kaye’s latest philosophy novel is a mystery thriller that explores philosophical theories for creating a just and peaceful society, with plenty of suspense and plot twists along the way!

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1 October 2022

Books so nice, we published them twice!

Some of our favorite novels are now available in freshly revised editions for kids who love to read a good story as much as we do. Check out our five newest titles in our library of excellent novels for youngsters today!

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4 August 2022

Announcing a New Latin Book for Young Children!

We’re excited to announce that the third installment in our Latin curriculum for young children is now available! “Caecilia et Verus et Urbs Vastata” is an immersive picture book that will enable kids to learn the Latin language intuitively, with an accompanying instructor manual for adults.

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30 June 2022

MCT Curriculum Available as eBooks on!

We’re making the MCT language arts curriculum available as eBooks! Much of the curriculum is already available, both as individual eBooks and with special eBook package options. The rest of the curriculum is soon to follow!

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10 June 2022

Author Spotlight: Robert Black

Author Robert Black’s three historical novels have just been reissued, but Mr. Black is also the author of our award-winning mathematician biography series Mathematical Lives and the mathematical fiction series Mathematical Nights. Learn a little more about this multi-talented author in our fun interview with him!

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