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Does math SCARE your child? Make it fun with these SPOOKY math books!

Plenty of children think of math as an absolute nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, math can be—dare we say it?—spooktacular! Before your child protests that there’s not a ghost of a chance that that’s true, check out our Mathematical Nights Math Fiction books, a phantasm…er, fangtastic…er, fantastic set of novels that make math a devilishly fun subject.

The Mathematical Nights books follow Lennie Miller and her best friend Will as they encounter strange beings from the Mystical Realm, which is located right on the edge of Lennie’s new home in Indiana. Lennie has a gift for seeing the otherworldly creatures that cross over from that world to ours. What’s more, Lennie learns that those creatures consider her a “Pattern Finder,” which means that they come to her to solve their math problems. And they certainly have some unusual problems!

Lennie and Will have to figure out what some kids might argue are nothing more than story problems, but that’s a frightful miscalculation of what they’re actually doing. Instead, what Lennie and Will are doing is using math to solve real-world problems. Or…perhaps they’re not real-world problems…unless you live in the Mystical Realm, where they might be considered that. Either way, these novels are a bewitchingly good read, bringing math out of the disembodied abstract to become enchantingly real. They are equally good for homeschooled children and for students in classrooms. Check out the Mathematical Nights webpage to see all the gory details!

The first novel in the series also comes as a set of dyslexia-friendly books for kids who struggle with reading difficulties. Those books feature a special font and enhanced formatting, and they come with an audio feature so that readers can follow along as the stories are narrated. The Lennie Miller Dyslexia Series is a great opportunity to turn children from squeamish about either math or reading—or both—to spell-bound by their newfound accessibility to both subjects.

Check out the Mathematical Nights Math Fiction books and the Lennie Miller Dyslexia Series, as well as Robert Black’s other series, the Mathematical Lives series, today, and give a child you know the chance to enjoy haunting the pages of a ghoulishly good book!

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