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Emotional Wellness Is Important for Kids, Too!

The month of October has been designated Emotional Wellness Month, and while many groups and organizations focus on how to help people achieve less stress in their lives and find balance between their work life and their home life, we want to make sure that children aren’t left out of consideration. Kids, especially those who are gifted, can carry a great deal of stress of their own, but fortunately there are ways to help them learn how to deal with their emotions in thoughtful, healthy ways.

We carry several books for developing self-awareness and mindfulness in young children. Some of these books, such as The Intenso Family Goes to a New School, are directed toward gifted children in particular, but most of them, such as The Day the Thought Bubbles Got in the Way, The Day the Thoughts Got Stuck, Breath Magic, and The Secret Code of Senses, are for any child who needs to learn how to deal with negative thoughts or feelings or uncomfortable physical manifestations of negative emotions.

The best thing about these books is that they are perfect resources both to be proactive and to help solve problems that already exist. If a child needs help, these books will assist in that. If a child does not need help, however, these books are still a valuable source of information on how to deal with difficult situations when they do arise, giving kids the tools they need to self-regulate, to find awareness and self-acceptance, and to be mindful of their struggles and of the ways in which to help themselves feel better—which, ultimately, is empowering.

Don’t miss the chance to put your child on a path to emotional wellness. Check out our offerings today!

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