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Michael Clay Thompson Receives Another Award!

We’re proud to announce that Michael Clay Thompson’s latest book, Poodle Knows What?, has received a Mom’s Choice Gold Award honoring excellence! The Mom’s Choice Awards program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services. This comes on the heels of Practical Homeschooling‘s announcement that it had awarded the MCT language arts curriculum with an i-Learn Award for best online instruction. Michael also recently won, for the fourth year out of the past five, Practical Homeschooling’s award for best language arts curriculum.

We’re not surprised that Poodle Knows What? won this award. The book is perhaps the most delightful way to teach young children grammar that has ever been produced. Michael is a master at drawing children into the learning process—in this case by creating a story about three quirky characters who explore the eight parts of speech with excitement and curiosity about all they are learning. The story is told in unmetered rhyme, and Michael’s love of words oozes from the pages in a brilliant display of word choice and usage. Michael plays with words in fun and surprising ways that are sure to intrigue and captivate children, especially those who are gifted. The fun, full-color illustrations of artist Christopher Tice will seal the fate of any child who may have contemplated resisting learning about grammar. They will love it, and their parents will love it. You can’t help but to feel that way. (We do, too.)

Poodle Knows What? is the first book in a new level of the MCT language arts curriculum that Michael is writing for children who are not yet ready for Level 1.

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