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Royal Fireworks Press Receives Homeschool Award

As we celebrate the forty-second anniversary of the founding of Royal Fireworks Press, we have received word that we have been chosen as one of the 2020 Best Homeschool Curriculum and Resources Award winners. Fittingly, it was for us as an entire company and not simply for our language arts, or philosophy, or math, or Latin, or arts, or dyslexia-friendly offerings, or our early childhood books, or our materials supporting emotional and social needs, but for everything that we have done.

During our more than four decades, we have pursued a path fueled by our understanding of education as an individual act between a child and the material, always with the purpose of introducing the child to the best. We have never wavered in our belief that the best can be identified—that it is more important for children to know about Pericles or Julius Caesar than cartoon characters, to read Dickens and Bronte and Twain and Austen in their entirety rather than in pieces in anthologies or in dumbed-down versions with the “hard” words removed, not to mention modern middle-grades fiction lacking any challenging vocabulary.

We believe that education is a relationship between a child and the material, and it is up to us to make that relationship enticing. That is why our books are designed in two-page spreads to be beautiful and fun and stimulating as seen through a child’s eyes. It is why we encourage children to enter the material and enjoy it rather than try to pound the material into the children.

We believe that the foundation each child needs is the ability to discern meaning and articulate concepts using language, and hence we started decades ago with language arts, and we have spent four decades improving our language arts curriculum by Michael Clay Thompson until it is widely recognized as the best available language arts curriculum.

We believe that children need to be stretched to reach the highest levels they are capable of, and they need to be presented with the most challenging concepts and intellectual dilemmas that people have faced through the ages, and that is why we have published books for children presenting the major ideas of Eastern and Western philosophy and why we have focused on the human problem origins of math rather than the operational functions.

And that is why we are presenting an ever-expanding array of online courses presented by experts in their fields—people who are accomplished authors, practitioners, and academics and who have the kindness as well as the expertise to embrace your children metaphorically to help them to reach their full potential.

For us the mission is to entice, encourage, and facilitate children on their quest to achieve their full potential and best self. You can read more about the award here.

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