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Royal Fireworks Voted First Place in the i-Learn Awards!

Have you heard the news? The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community has once again been voted first place for grammar in the 2023 Practical Homeschooling i-Learn Awards!

We’ve earned awards in other categories too, including Comprehensive Language Arts, Teacher-Led Online Academies, and, for the first time, Computer Science!

What makes Royal Fireworks stand out in online education?

  • These live courses aren’t taught by ordinary teachers; they’re taught by experts who have real experience in the fields they teach.
  • The exclusive opportunity to learn from world-renowned curriculum author and educator Michael Clay Thompson gives students access to an unparalleled education in language arts.
  • A focus on highly intelligent/gifted and twice-exceptional students means that these courses are held to rigorous standards of excellence and that these exceptional children have a chance to learn with their intellectual peers.
  • True flexibility means that students who can’t attend live courses can watch recordings at any time. And no-hassle course selection means that if you realize your child’s course isn’t the right fit, you have the freedom to change levels at no charge.

The Fall 2023 semester will be starting soon, so be sure to check out all of the wonderful courses being offered this year, from the award-winning MCT language arts courses to Observable Astronomy, A Nautical History of the World, Number Theory, and so much more!

Happy learning!

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