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10 June 2023

Affordable Science Learning for Summer!

We’ve got an exciting summer science lineup in our Online Learning Community. It includes two fun offerings by expert instructor Bryan Roessel. Whether your youngster is interested in the fascinating stuff that happens on our planet or the mind-blowing stuff that happens outside of this one, we’ve got you covered. Enroll today!

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6 June 2023

AI Chatbot Models Course Starts Friday!

AI is all over the news lately. If your child doesn’t understand it, it’s time to change that. Enroll your youngster in our summer course on understanding AI chatbot models, and begin leveraging the potential of AI in your child’s pursuits. This course starts Friday, so don’t wait!

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3 June 2023

$90 Three-Day Arts Workshops for June!

We’re offering several three-day workshops this summer in drawing and watercolor painting in our Online Learning Community. These workshops are enormously popular because they’re short, they’re inexpensive, and students come away from them with new and enhanced ways to express their creativity, taught to them by an expert instructor. Reserve your child’s spot. Enroll today!

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1 June 2023

Summer courses begin Monday!

Summer Session 2023 in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community starts Monday, June 5th. We’re offering a wide range of engaging courses across various subjects, all taught by our expert instructors. Secure your child’s spot by enrolling today!

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27 May 2023

Explore the power of disasters with our new history course!

Give your child a chance to explore how various disasters, both natural and human-made, have affected the course of history and the people who have dealt with them. From Pompeii to Chernobyl, our “Disasters in History” online summer course takes students on a journey that will be just as interesting as an action movie but infinitely more enriching. Enroll now!

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24 May 2023

Online Trigonometry and More!

This summer, we’re offering a course in trigonometry in our Online Learning Community to get kids off on the right foot when they enter school for the 2023-2024 school year. We have a full line-up of math courses (including a full semester of trigonometry) for the fall and spring semesters as well. Keep your children learning all year long. Register today!

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20 May 2023

Unveiling the Wonders of Ancient Greece: Online Course!

Students can learn about the profound influence of ancient Greece on modern Western civilizations in our online course “History, Culture, and Literature of Greece in the Classical Age.” From the birth of democracy to the profound influence on philosophy, literature, and the arts, this is an enlightening journey through antiquity. Register now!

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13 May 2023

New Introduction to Photography courses!

Our new introductory photography course in the Online Learning Community will allow anyone with a camera, whether an expensive piece of equipment or simply a smartphone, to learn the basics of how to take good pictures, including fundamentals like composition and lighting. Everyone has a camera these days—why not know the best way to use it? Enroll now!

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9 May 2023

Attention all math enthusiasts!

Students interested in math will love our new summer course, designed to lead math enthusiasts on a whirlwind tour through some of the greatest ideas in mathematics, from discoveries in ancient Babylon to modern-day breakthroughs. It’s a unique approach that’s sure to spark interest and creativity in kids who love numbers!

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5 May 2023

Early Bird Special: Save $50 on Select Summer Courses!

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is excited to offer a special rate for students enrolling in select courses taking place in the summer session! These courses are normally $275, but if you enroll your child by May 20th, you can take advantage of our special early bird discount, a $50 savings. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

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2 May 2023

Chess Club with Michael Clay Thompson

The Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community is thrilled to offer a new course with Michael Clay Thompson: Chess Club! But this isn’t your normal chess club. It’s an MCT course, so it’s both an academic immersion into the world of chess and a fun way to learn an activity that people around the world enjoy. Enroll today—this course will fill up fast!

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29 April 2023

Michael Clay Thompson is teaching a new online course in…geography?!

You read that right! Michael Clay Thompson is a genius of the English language, but his interests are far-ranging, and he’s teaching World Cultural Geography in the Royal Fireworks Online Learning Community in the 2023-2024 school year. Don’t miss this special opportunity. Enroll today!

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25 April 2023

Keep kids’ math skills sharp this summer!

With the school year coming to an end soon, it’s time to think about keeping your child academically engaged during the summer. Get a jump start on math with expert instructor Allen Gross’s math courses, both for kids who want to explore math and for those who need an extra boost in order to have a successful experience in math next year.

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21 April 2023

Books to Celebrate Earth Day All Year

This Earth Day, we want to share with you a special selection of books that will not only educate but also inspire young minds to care for our planet. These books are filled with fun and engaging activities that will encourage students to learn about the environment and the world around them while having fun at the same time.

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